Thursday, July 31, 2008

Moodle? Blogs? Wikis? studyWiz? Ning?

I don't know what to use this year!! I have the opportunity to try out MOODLE AND /OR STUDY WIZ. Last year, I used blogs and wikis on their own, and this year I was thinking of using ning.

Some pros and cons - but I would like to hear what you use and suggestions.
Moodle - can't get into it. Not user friendly, overwhelming, like the idea of everything in one place, with calendars, documents, links, everything
Study Wiz - seems more user friendly, have never used before, imports classes for me
Blogs and wikis- worked well but available to the world
NING - was going to try out this year, don't know much about it, but like the discussion feature.

What am I looking for? A place where students can comment on each other's discussions.
Bonus: a place to store documents & lessons.

What do you think?


5150 Mommy said...

First, you will juggle mommyhood and teacherhood perfectly! Second, I loved you math blog for your students! Great idea. I used Wiki spaces for my 6th graders last year and they put together some pages on ancient India. This year I am going to have create on about ancient Egypt. It was a lot of fun and I liked how I could moniter what they were doing at all times. Take care!

misterfritz said...

Hi, Natalie. I love your blog. I haven't used StudyWiz, but I know that there were some teachers piloting it this summer. It seems like a more user friendly version of Moodle--at least according to what I heard from Bill. I used Moodle in the fourth quarter of last year with my seniors...bad idea...also, I had poorly thought out the implementation. I feel that Moodle works best as a supplement to the class outside of class; it can also serve as a resource in-class. I added your blog; check out mine at Keep up the good work.