Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tech mentor - year 1

Last year, I was in a group with a tech mentor, with 3 other mentees. During the school year, we took 3 days where we worked on some integration of technology into the curriculum with the help of the tech mentor, and by supporting and helping each other. It was great collaboration and I was able to get alot done and great things came out of the day.

This year, I'll be a tech mentor. I feel that I already share and collaborate really well with the math department, and I will continue this, and I also am looking forward to working with a small group of teachers to assist them in learning new things that they can use in their classroom, and sharing together. I always learn from these sessions and find them very rewarding. I would like to make time to help my colleagues with any questions and share things that they may not know.

Are you a tech mentor in your building? What kind of things do you do?

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